Artist: Potlatch
Title: Return
Cat. Nr.: CLCD358DG
Release Date: 04-03-2020
Format: Digital
Style: #Chillout #Lounge
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
2020. Was imagined as symbol of future for many in their childhood and finally we are in.
†Besides that, RETURN, is the new album of Potlatch which returns for his 20th anniversary as producer with a stunning hypnotic dub and trip-hop sound where loungish atmospheres are not missing. A sound design that works perfect both for chill out or groove and shows the complex sound skills of this talented producer from South Korea.

  1. Suspicious Luna
  2. Shining On
  3. The Bridge
  4. Cavern City
  5. Return
  6. Erased
  7. Blue Pieces
  8. Grey Sea
  9. Yellow, Sky, Man
  10. Knock, Knock, Knock

Cover by Gufmott
Photo by Jeong Heo
Mastering by Potlatch