Various Artists
  Discovering Plexus Music

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Discovering Plexus Music
Cat. Nr.: CLCD056DG
Release Date: 18-02-2013
Format: Digital
Style: #Chillout #Lounge
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:

The 5th chapter of discovering serious by Side Liner, continues the luxury of chill out beats and ambient atmospheres that listenes have used. Side Liner carefully select 11 gems from Plexus Music label catalogue. A russian net label with hidden beauties that worths to discover! As usually this compilation includes a special dj mix by Side Liner. Enjoy!

  1. Soulalive Windfall
  2. Soulalive Landscape
  3. Noud        Forced Cruelty
  4. Ailuronyx Ooohhmmm
  5. 2Illusions The Soul
  6. Opii                Dive Limits
  7. 2illusions     The Magic Place
  8. Seaman        Evening Coast
  9. Germind Magic Alley
  10. Germind Metaphysical Laboratory
  11. Eguana   Phial Of Love Remix
  12. Side Liner Discovering Plexus (Continuous dj mix)