Invisible Civilization Vol. 2

Artist: Eguana
Title: Invisible Civilization Vol. 2
Cat. Nr.: CLCD246DG
Release Date: 06-09-2018
Format: Digital
Style: #Ambient #Drone #Cinematic #Experimental
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
The second chapter of an ambient mesmerizing world, where its first part featured in Sleep playlist of Spotify, with millions of subscribers. A harmonic beauty of electronic sound forms. An invisible civilization that wakes up as you listening and hypnotized getting into your sleep cycles, unfolding euphoria and relaxation into your soul.†

  1. Deep Space
  2. Birth Of The Atom
  3. Cleavage Of Matter
  4. Vacuum Gardens
  5. Extraterrestial Intelligence
  6. Tentacles Of Alien Organism
  7. Internal Processes
  8. Structure Of The Invisible World
  9. Beautiful Creatures