Artist: Eguana
Title: Expectation
Cat. Nr.: CLCD207DG
Release Date: 01-12-2017
Format: Digital
Style: #FutureGarage #Chillstep #Chillout
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Eguana is an endless talent with a never resting creativity and this time returns with new album in a more future garage approach to tease our senses and expand our emotions.
† Deep and relax sounds that invites you to get lost inside them from first listen, with melodies and atmospheres that will playback in your mind even after stop listening it. Expactation album, is exactly what you would expect to listen for a chill treat.

  1. Depression
  2. Your Tenderness
  3. Cozy Courtyard
  4. Expectation
  5. Puddles of Autumn
  6. Lost Way
  7. Soaring In The Sky
  8. Morning City
  9. On The Waves Of Sleep