Artist: Germind
Title: Hiisi
Cat. Nr.: CLCD496DG
Release Date: 24-02-2021
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:
A unique psychill sound design that flirts a lot with dark atmospheres, psybreaks, idm, experimental, and modulated from the hands of Germind. Tribal hypnotic ritual grooves layered in a form of a magic spell, waking up the ancient power of old forest spirits!

  1. Tapio
  2. Magic Branches
  3. In the Rain
  4. Escape
  5. Thunderstorm
  6. Spell
  7. Lost Wind
  8. Hiisi
  9. Campfire Night
  10. Rocks
  11. Tapiola
Cover by Germind
Mastering by Germind
Vocals on Track 9 by Eguana†