TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens

Artist: TonyModi
Artist: Kerensa Stephens
Title: Tangled
Cat. Nr.: CLCD189DG
Release Date: 16-03-2017
Format: Digital
Style: Trip Hop / Abstract Hip Hop / Electronica
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Tony Modi & Kerensa Stephens team up for an excellent EP on Cosmicleaf Records. Tony Modi's fresh instrumentals and Kerensa's sublime voice blend together like a charm. The result is reminiscent of the golden age of trip-hop, but with extra soul and groove. This is the kind of music that adds plenty of warmth and glitter to any occasion. Simply enchanting.

  1. TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens - Tangled
  2. TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens - Escape
  3. TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens - A Wonderful Walk 
  4. TonyModi & Kerensa Stephens - Slowly