Dirty Lust

Artist: TonyModi
Title: Dirty Lust
Cat. Nr.: CLCD157DG
Release Date: 16-06-2016
Format: Digital
Style: #InstrumentalHipHop #lofibeats #studybeats
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
With a smile and a hop, TonyModi invites all Cosmicleafers for yet another taste of his fresh groovalicious blend of vintage beats. Timeless sounds for any life-situation requiring a little extra swing and mellowness. Tunes that you can really kick back and chill to.

  1. Jeunesse lève toi
  2. I'm gonna leave you
  3. Diva (feat. Senor K & Assa)
  4. Silver bird
  5. Small change
  6. In peace we live†
  7. A taste of honey
  8. Dabbler in life (feat.Lola)
  9. Never go dream
  10. Sweet madness
  11. Over my dreams
  12. Elusive thought
  13. Slowly (feat. Kerensa Stephens)
  14. Endings