New Speak

Artist: Dense
Title: New Speak
Cat. Nr.: CLCD085DG
Release Date: 15-09-2014
Format: Digital
Style: #Downtempo #ChillTrance #ProgressiveChill
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:
Taking us further on his deep and relentless progressive ambient ride, Dense brings us his fresh album: New Speak. Solid beats and thick textures are cracked open with rays of light and melt into a swirl of hypnotic melody. A pinch of drama to keep things exciting and plenty of low-end bliss make this a sure pleasure for all progressive chillers.

  1. 110 bpm    Massive Creek                   
  2. 107 bpm    We Sing And Dance
  3. 105 bpm    Short Legged Giant
  4. 100 bpm    Home Number
  5. 100 bpm    Poany
  6. 100 bpm    Posing Nude
  7. 110 bpm    The Great Unknown
  8. 110 bpm    11:15
  9. 120 bpm    The Vision
  10. 120 bpm    Dirt Pan