Israeli Connection 33

Artist: Chronos
Title: Israeli Connection 33
Cat. Nr.: CLCD273DG
Release Date: 22-05-2019
Format: Digital
Style: #Psychill #Psybient #Psybass #Psydub
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:
Proudly announce the new album of Chronos in collab with Shivanam, Okolosna, Yestegan Chay and our in-house†artists Zero Cult, Essence Project & Earth Connect. The grooves are rich, harmonies are lush and production is top, what else to expect from such teamwork and Chronos who daily envolves with the sound design and production.††
† This album started in Israel when Nick was almost 33 years old & Chronos - almost 15 years - on the wonderful chillout event by Shwaya Sound System in Tel Aviv. Great atmosphere, opened people &† talented artists became a huge source of inspiration to make it happen - from EP to a full-length album - in this very special date...†
† During recording & collaborating with artists around the world, Nick improved his skills with new acoustic instruments like Saxophone, Nagoya Harp, Vargan as well as his voice. Friends also added many acoustic instruments: from traditional guitar & singing to exotic Bulbul Tarang, Ronroco Guitar, traditional Gusli from Russia.

  1. Chronos - Sea Front In
  2. Chronos & Shivanam - One Chronology
  3. Chronos & Zero Cult - Cells In Harmony
  4. Chronos - Even Devil once An Angel (Part 2)
  5. Chronos - Erbium (Nagoya Remix)
  6. Chronos & Okolosna - Relict
  7. Chronos & Essence Project - Water No Gravity
  8. Chronos & Earth Connect - Ashes Of Spirits
  9. Chronos & Yestegan chaY - Svara
  10. Chronos & Zero Cult - Cells In Harmony (Ambient mix)
  11. Chronos - Sea Front Out

All tracks were written & produced by Chronos & Various Artists.

Additional credits:
One Chronology: Guitar & Voice by Shivanam
Cells In Harmony: Nagoya Harp by Chronos
Svara: Guitar & Bulbul by Yestegan Chay
Cells In Harmony (Ambient mix): Ronroco Guitar by Heavy Bliss
Cells In Harmony (Ambient mix): Vocal & Sax & Nagoya Harp by Chronos

Cover by Ilya Turbin
Mastering:†Manifold Studio