Squazoid & Kick Bong
  Deep Trip

Artist: Squazoid
Artist: Kick Bong
Title: Deep Trip
Cat. Nr.: CLCD102DG
Release Date: 09-02-2015
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
Kick Bong and Squazoid conspire to delight us with this 2 track EP on Cosmicleaf Records full of fresh energy. The first track called …. is a nasty little electro-tinged journey into deep groovy beat-patterns. It's covered with plenty of sparkle and joy which makes it a great track to end a warm-up set and leave the crowd ready for a long night. The second track, … , brings us back home with warm handpan percussion, dreamy pads and soaring oriental melodies. The steady yet laid-back beat makes this one the perfect vibe-setter for cocktails and sexiness.
Cover Art: Léa Nguyen†

  1. Deep Trip
  2. After The Storm