D. Batistatos
  Sunshine Velvet

Artist: D. Batistatos
Title: Sunshine Velvet
Cat. Nr.: CLCD053DG
Release Date: 14-12-2012
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release Info:

The 3rd album of Greek producer D.Batistatos including some of his finest productions,remixes and collaborations that have been might lost around in various releases. Gathering all D. Batistatos pieces now we understand the depth of his sound technic in chill out music, the beauty that addict us on his style. All track remastered with new sound standards for your listening pleasure, a snack for your appetite until next D. Batistatos full pack trip.


  1. In The Bottom Of The Ocean
  2. Hoover 
  3. Sparclin Coconuts
  4. Sunshine Velvet
  5. Crazy Sick Monkeys
  6. Sehnsucht (With Side Liner)
  7. Monolife (Remix for Zero Cult)
  8. Night Out(Remix for Zero Cult)
  9. Criminal Intention