Discovering Eguana

Artist: Eguana
Title: Discovering Eguana
Cat. Nr.: CLCD041DG
Release Date: 20-01-2012
Format: Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:
† ††
In 2011 Cosmicleaf and Side Liner †discovered Eguana . A very promising talent from Russia who knows how to please with his multi chill out sounds. “Discovering Eguana” is a compilation of tracks carefully selected †for your ear pleasure, from downtempo lounge to trip-hop. Cinematic sonic environments detailed with wispy and organic synthesizers, nimble vocals, and a warm, welcoming low end, elevate listeners into an intimate involvement within their own senses.Discover Eguana!
Cover Artwork by Olga Pezanen (Sindell)†


  1. In The Sky
  2. Abandon Me
  3. When You Are Aroused
  4. City Light Pulse
  5. Tension
  6. Passing The Line
  7. I 'm a God
  8. Epilepsy
  9. Vibration
  10. Warm Gamma Pulse
  11. The Frozen Space
  12. Discovering Eguana (continues dj mix by Side Liner)