Long Sleep Plain

Artist: Will-O-The-Wisp
Title: Long Sleep Plain
Cat. Nr.: CLCD013
Release Date: 10-10-2008
Format: CD_Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:

The soundtrack of the deep dreaming landscapes! 

The soundtrack of the deep dreaming landscapes! Vassilis Miamis aka Will-O¢-The Wisp (or WOTW) and young brother of Side Liner, after his remarkable ambient touches  at “Nova Natura” compilations and “Fragile Life” hits the scene with his debut album, “Long Sleep Plain”.Ambient sound morphs  as you never heard before but you wished to listen one day, melancholic patterns, sound layers from dark to bright emotions, everything brilliant mixed for a unique ambient result. Rhythm parts are not missed from this release, parts that guide the emotions to the higher state of subconscious plus 3 wonderful collaborations & remixes with Cydelix, Side Liner & Zero Cult.Enjoy a different than usual Cosmicleaf releases, more deep and musically than ever! 


  1. Influences
  2. Long Sleep Plain
  3. Damaged
  4. Dawn & Dusk
  5. Divided & Conquered
  6. Moonlight Remix ( vs. Side Liner)
  7. Echoing Melodies ( Cydelix remix )
  8. Sweet Stolen Song ( vs. Zero Cult )
  9. Desolation
  10. Like a leaf in the wind
  11. Making wishes