Kick Bong
  Flower Power

Artist: Kick Bong
Title: Flower Power
Cat. Nr.: CLCD012
Release Date: 06-06-2008
Format: CD_Digital
Style: #TripHop #WorldMusic #IndieElectronic
Label: Cosmicleaf Records

Release info:

†Franck Jousselin aka Kick Bong is back with his long awaited new album “Flower Power”.Expect the original Kick Bong style spiced with freshness and new ideas.
Balanced between pop, down tempo and electro chill, Kick Bong serve us with new and melancholic sonic flowers to beautify our sound garden.Kick Bong delivered us this album after a long period of productivity with†several releases in various labels like Peak,Ajana,Chillcode,Candyflip,Ultravista,Hoots and Spirit Zone and his debut wide feedbacked album back in 2005 “A Cup Of Tea”.Presenting his unique style though lives and sets in festivals like Glade(Uk), Boom(Portugal), Arcadia (France), Existence(Spain),Sinergia(Portugal), Omni(Spain) ,Hadra(France) and many other events.Enjoy 10 down tempo sonic flowers including remixes from Side Liner & Cydelix.More music with attitude from Cosmicleaf Records.
  1. 2 Seasons
  2. Something Better
  3. Landscape (Cydelix remix)
  4. Flower Power
  5. Logical Life
  6. In Doo
  7. Outside The Mountain
  8. 2 Seasons (Side Liner remix)
  9. Duby Cure
  10. Blissfull†