I-One - is Ivan Jasek (Composer, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist) Of Shivanam to Czech Republic. Ivan has Over 26 years of experience working with Sound as a DJ, music composer, singer, professional musician, and a music teacher.
As I-One produces classic psybient soundscapes, inspired by shamanic traditions, ritualistic music, music therapy and traditional music. I-One Sets a colorful spectrum of sounds, harmonies, beats and mixes. Infused with field recording, sampler, live instruments and vocals, his music will take you deep into space in your inner self.
All Is One (ForSageOne - Czech Republic 2012) Flowerfull (ForSageOne - Czech Rep and Surface Tension - Finland 2014) IoNoSphere (ForSageOne - Czech Rep. Surface Tension† - Finland 2016) Singularity (Liquid Sound Design - UK 2018)

Album Discography