Den Kozlov began his music career in Moscow, the capital of Russia. In the late 80s he was a big fan of the classic industrial bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. Very few people knew about this music behind in Communist Russia of that time. Driven by the innovative sound of industrial music, Den began to experiment with whatever analogue synthesizers he could find in the recording studios of Soviet Moscow.
In 1992 he recorded his first tracks of Dennis pioneering Electronic Music project Inner Resonance Voice. By 1994 In'R'Voice became hugely popular on Moscows main radio stations, and in a fast growing amount of nightclubs. A year later he received an award for Innovations In Music from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Until now this is the only award for underground Electronic Music in Russia.

In 1996 Den relocated to London, and witnessed the very first events of just-born psychedelic trance music held by the legendary Transient Records (Otherworld party), the label Return To The Source (at the Fridge nightclub) and the party collective Pagan with Mark Allen (part of Matsuri Productions, with Tsuyoshi Suzuki). He met the key masters of the new trend, and recorded collaboration tracks with the superstars of the genre - such as Tim Healey (Quirk/Coburn) and Seb Taylor (Shakta/Kaya Project/Hibernation). He was playing alongside James Monro, Blue Planet Corporation, Tim Schuldt, Infected Mushroom, Bumbling Loons, Shakta, Hux Flux and many more. The first full length album on Optica Records In-R-Voice Resonance Metaphizix was mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

After 2004, Den began to experiment with other styles of music, and his explorations gave birth to several cult albums like Digital Shamanism on Londons Optica Records, Ixinema on Kissthesound Records and Inexplicable Premonitions on System Recordings, which was released in New York.
In 2008, In'R'Voice left psy-trance for the downtempo electronica of the album "Bittersweet". The success of the album was huge, and for the next seven years Den's project was following this trend with the albums "Magnetic", "Futurepast", "Reanitrance" and finally "Aesthetica".

In 2015 Den was invited to play in a classical concert in a cult venue St.Paul's Cathedral in Moscow as an experiment. The aim was to show to unsuspected audience, that Electronic Music can actually be not only a dance floor music. It was Den's statement, that Electronic Music is the Classical Music of the new Millenia. In-R-Voice "Aesthetica" is a music for your mind, the pure joy from the sound of synthesizers without any percussions, showing how beautiful Electronic Music can be.

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