Fourth Dimension

  Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dimension is a project started by Strahinja Maletic and Strahinja Zdravkovic, Belgrade-Serbia.

With a strong sense of musicality these serbian producers bring together enchanting melodies, exquisite instrumental vibes and smooth beats with perfect balance. The album evolves through various levels of energy with a clear focus, inter-dimensional chilling.

They are producing ambient, chill-out, trip-hop but yet they also found sanctuary in electronic psychodelic music. Their goal is to achive right frequency and change state of mind. Music is somehow inspired by lifechanging events, people.

- "Most people have a full measure of life... and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up... at one time... in one place... you can accomplish something... glorious." - Ramirez, "Highlander II"

Fourth Dimension will make that happen.

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