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*please dont send us emails from hotmail/msn/outlook we receive but our replies bounces. 
Cosmicleaf is a Greek Music label, registered-owned and managed by Nick Miamis aka Side Liner, a known producer involved in music business since 1998. 
Cosmicleaf also owns & manage the sublabels of Unicorn Music & Koslif 
Cosmicleaf name and logo are trademarks registered for commercial use. 

Proudly collaborating with Australian labels Tempest Recordings & Slice as CUT MUSIC

Thank you for your interest to submit your music to us but unfortunately we are full right now.
We work with more than 60songwritters, most of them are very active with our label and our release schedule is full with their creativity. We mainly focus on their further development. 
Keep an eye here or our social if we start accepting new music, will give a call/update.
We are open to third artists and labels submissions for our playlists, you can submit your music here:
We have open a music magazine to help in discovery of new interesting music and artists,
check it out and feel free to do your submission here: