FAQ† /†Frequently Asked Questions
We hope the below may answer your questions.†
I want to release my music through your label :
Thank you for your interest to submit your music to us but unfortunately we are full right now. Since June 2019 we locked our roster.
Will update here and announce on social if we start accepting again. Make sure to follow us on bandcamp as may we share the interest only to our community there.
We work continues for years with many songwriters and our release schedule is pretty heavy right now to be open to new artists, as we receive allready enough from our roster.
We dont review/reply in such subject messages.
I want to consider my music for your spotify playlists†:
We accept music to review for all our playlists through Submithub
If you dont want to use this service, here you can submit in part of our playlists

I want to consider my music for review in nagamag music blog†:
We have open a music magazine to help in discovery of new interesting music and artists,
check it out and feel free to do your submission here:
I want for my future release marketing services, mix, mastering, cover design etc :
Our network and experience can make your release shine in terms of sound production,
beside that we can support in many ways your release marketing, we have a strong social presence, a newsletter of 5k+ followers† and automated service to deliver your free bandcamp codes to your contacts.
Just get in touch for details.†
What other imprints/labels belongs to Cosmicleaf?
Cosmicleaf also owns/runs the imprints Koslif and Unicorn Music.†


info [at] or†

Cosmicleaf is a Greek Music label, registered-owned and managed by Nick Miamis aka Side Liner, a known producer involved with discography since 1998.†
Cosmicleaf also owns & manage the sublabels of Unicorn Music & Koslif†
Cosmicleaf name and logo are trademarks registered for commercial use.†

Proudly collaborating with Australian labels Tempest Recordings & Slice as CUT MUSIC